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Multi-Purpose Library Space Tops the List

Last fall the Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce invited the community to take part in Design Ellsworth, a visioning and planning event for the Ellsworth community. The final report from the event was released last month and it was thrilling to see all the dreams Ellsworth residents have for our community!

Demand for a multi-purpose public space that combines library services with space and programming for teens and senior citizens ranked high on the community’s wish list. This sketch from the report depicts the various uses of such a space.

For the community to envision a creative space such as this is an acknowledgment of our library’s ability to bring people together. It’s a theme we hear often—the library is a community hub! That’s an important role and one that’s not taken lightly by the amazing team at the Ellsworth Public Library.

What the future holds for our library is yet to be determined. Yet, knowing the community sees our library as a part of Ellsworth's future inspires us to dream bigger!

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