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Reading a Book a Window at a Time

Despite social distancing, masks, and closures, the staff at the Ellsworth Public Library continues to inspire us with their ability to remain relevant during a global pandemic.

Their latest initiative combines books and reading with our business community and being outdoors. The idea was inspired by a similar program at the Rhinelander District Library. In Ellsworth, the Story Walk includes two stories—one in the downtown and one in East End—and incorporates reading with games and prizes, too!

Families are invited to walk downtown and follow the story by going business to business and reading the pages posted in the storefronts along the way. It’s a safe activity everyone can enjoy!

How fortunate we are to have a creative and engaged library staff willing to bring the best of what the library has to offer out into the community. It's just one more reason why our library is such a valuable asset to our community and downtown.

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